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Know Yourself

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The link above is, if nothing else, the first step I am taking to create a meaningful fulfilling and more memory worthy life for myself, starting at the tender age of 24. I’ve got everything to gain, being that I’ve lost almost everything I had: so I’m going to keep trying to figure it out until that lightbulb goes on. I assume I’m not the only person faced with the dilemma of a less than ideal life/lacking direction/broken heart/etc. If I can help someone else help themselves, while I try my best to do the same for me, well… Maybe that will be enough to make me feel slightly more useful in this fucked up crazy world. And the more honest person in me felt like I should mention the fact that I cannot keep track of a mother fucking notebook to save my life. Like what the actual fuck. The internet’s here for a reason. I bet I’d be famous AF & remember a hell of a lot more if I’d kept a long running online diary for the past 10 years. jesus. But even when I tried to start doing that I couldn’t keep up with myself and kept making new fucking blogs. Sidenote: I curse to much, clearly. Ugh, whatever.


This is me, here, right now, promising myself & all who read (or don’t read) this blog that I will be completely honest here, regardless of fear of judgement or not accepting all parts of me/wanting to be able to show this to or not show this to or lie to myself or anyone else. I know myself well enough to know that I probably need to say that for my own sake, if I want to start using this regularly. Okay, well that’s about it. Can’t believe my fingers are tired from typing what have I been doing with my life!?!


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